We make things that make things make sense.


We1 work hands-on with teams and organizations (especially ones with STEAM2 and public-service missions) to clarify and adapt complex ideas, and express them in engaging and imaginative ways.


Primarily by:

🎥    CREATING original videos, like a stop-motion film about a 4000-year-old analog computer recreated in Lego   
   CONSULTING on video-related creative/editorial/strategy, with partners like Scientific American and The Royal Society   
🐣    PROTOTYPING new kinds of multimedia experiences, like a science video that remixes its own scenes each time it plays   

now what?

Send us a message. Check out some work. Read the blog. Skim the mood board. Share non-boring case studies. Learn how projects fit.

  1. Hi, I’m John Pavlus. I’m the principal / sole proprietor here, but I like to use we” because I hand-pick small teams to fit each project’s creative needs. [explain]

  2. science • tech • engineering • art/design • math
    —John Maeda’s expansion of STEM