You can browse through everything we’ve made on our Vimeo page. Here are some highlights, including this one:

We’ve worked with these organizations so far:

NPR    UX films • short documentaries • media prototyping • sponsored series • creative consulting
National Geographic    UX film
Scientific American    original series • strategic consulting
The New York Times Magazine    short documentary • media prototyping
Autodesk Sustainability Workshop    promotional documentary
The Simons Foundation    promotional documentary • creative consulting
Wired    short documentary
The Atlantic    sponsored series
Nature    short documentaries • promotional documentary
Popular Science    original series    original series • short documentary
Howard Hughes Medical Institute    promotional documentaries
Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University    short documentary
Brand Definition    promotional documentaries
Ars Technica    educational series • promotional documentary
BBC Future    short documentary
Columbia University’s Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory    promotional documentary
Nautilus    original series pilots
The Atavist    UX film
The American Chemical Society    strategic & creative consulting
Digital Science    promotional documentary
The Royal Society    strategic consulting